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How can i improve my gigs description


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Dear all,

I am providing web design & fixing web security service. I have great experience but i don’t know how to rank gigs on recommended category.

Before three month i was on top in high rating category when i turned on vaction mode for celebrating my wedding ceremony and my gigs removed from high rating and i am losing my financial assistance from fiverr.

Can somone help me to get me back on fiverr high rating.

also i need some recommendation from you all.

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi Webengineer,

I see you have already few sales on your belt, so how about contacting your previous clients and asking them what made them buy your gigs and ask for buyer’s perspective on what to look for when they buy a new gig. This might help you customize your gig for better.

I am a newbie in fiverr but I always ask my clients how did they find me and what made them contact me.

Hope, it’s helpful.

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