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New Guy to Fiverr


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Hi everyone. I just joined Fiverr a week ago but I am extremely excited about this concept. So far, I’ve only got one gig posted and merely a dozen clicks. It’s a very niche gig, I don’t expect it to go crazy or even get one order. With that being said, I guess I’m posting simply to say hello?

I really can not wait to get some more gigs listed, I just can not seem to figure out what may work. I have endless amounts of time to put into my work, but figuring out what people want seems nearly impossible to me. I love to read, write and design. I’m an engineer and use AutoCAD all day, but how does that translate to something marketable? Back to the drawing board I guess. Nice to meet you all.

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There really is no limit if you are motivated, creative, and stay within the Terms of Service. Take a look at some creative and popular gigs in different categories and you can see the diversity of what can sell. Some of these examples may surprise you!


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