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Reporting a Freelancer


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Hi, I’ve just had a terrible experience with a freelancer in Fiverr, I asked for a 3D animation, we agreed on a fair price and a 2 day delivery. When the 2 days were over I asked if the animaion was complete, he told me it was but that the rendering was taking a lot of time. I told him ok, I could wait a little more. For the next two days after that, I asked repeatedly for the animation and he told me the rendering had been running for the past 2 days and he couldn’t stop it. Ok, I told him to send me the animation as soon as it was done. Then for the next 2 days I wrote to him multiple times asking to please send me the animation I was on a deadline and really needed it. He never answerd my messages. I finally had enough and cancelled the job after writing to him and telling him that I was gonna cancel if he didn’t send me the animation and complete the job. No answer, so I cancelled. I was pretty upset by then, but I cancelled the job he got a bad review, that was fine by me.

Now, a few hours after I cancelled the job he wrote to me tell me that if I removed the bad review and cancellation, he would send me the animations that he had done and that was ALREADY FINISHED. Of course, by this point I couldn`t easily believe him so I asked for a preview of the job, a screen recording or something. He sent me a 2D drawing that I had given him in my instructions! And then proceded to lie to me repeatedly, assuring me the job was done and asking to remove my review. I told him to send me the preview and I would. And he said ok, if I could give him 2 MORE DAYS, he would send me a preview. Meaning he hadn’t even started on the job!

So this whole thing has made me very upset, I lost my money and time and I was shamelessly LIED TO (this is what upset me the most, the lies).

I think I should be able to report Fiverr workers who behave with such poor working ethic, and I tried looking for a button or something to do it, but couldn’t find it. This type of people make FIVERR look very bad, I for one have lost a lot of my trust in the platform, because after such a bad experience, I didn’t even get my money back or was able to report the freelancer.

I suggest that Fiverr adds some way to report bad workers that make the platform look so bad. Or if there already is a way (I couldn`t find it), to make it easier to find

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