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Lost my Fiverr Level 1 Seller badge due to a warning..Still haven't gotten back


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Hey guys , i need to know how long does it take to get the Level 1 seller badge back? 2 months back I lost my badge due to a warning that i violated Fiverr TOS. They said i asked for direct payment, which i did not because I always integrate Paypal plugin into clients website’s , i only asked for their paypal email to integrate it into their website, fiverr’s automated system (Which has No I.Q) thought that i asked for direct payments (Which i did not i swear to god, and they took away my Level 1 seller badge. After that happened i thought maybe I’ll earn it back, so i started making more sales, I made 25 sales in a month, 5 star rating, 37 reviews so far… all positive rating everywhere and it’s 2 months now, still haven’t got my badge back. I don’t know why i’m being punished for a thing i did not do? I asked fiverr so many times and all they say is that Levels is not an Editorial judgement and bla bla bla… So what should i do guys ? Any help please ? And Fiverr Editors if you’re seeing this post… only one question…WHY ?

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