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How to achieve level 2 easily!


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Good day to all sellers.
i feel glad that i am level 2 seller, finally.

I am a providing translation service in Fiverr, nothing else but only Translation.
I would like to share some of my experience in achieving that stage easily:

  1. I always give extra chat with client and find out what they are expect in the translation, building the bond will make the client remember you always.

for every 2-3 days, i will send regards to my client and follow up how is their life going.

  1. Give extra care, complimentary service doesn’t mean lose of revenue. I will help client to check their website / document / poster / mobile game again when they have replace the original content with my translation.

They will feel warmth with your extra help.

  1. Pay more attention in their content, provide your own thought and fix the error.

Sometime client might make mistake in their original content, so be eyes sharp and tell them about the mistake or give better suggestions.

By repeating the above, most of my clients are repeating buyer and they even refer their friends to use my service.

What i shared is what i did, i cant said these are the best skill, and i believe there are more useful skill than mine from other sellers.

To keep it short:


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Hi, i think you are asking why you CANT get 2nd level.
you need to achieve below criteria:

1.Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
2.Maintain a 4.5 star rating or above
3.Have a low cancellation rate

If you have fulfill all above, you should send feedback the web admin to check whether it is an error.

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thanks! i would like to get more domination, it is fun to “conquer” the world.

Hizanaz, do you know the rules to be upgraded as Top Rated Seller? i cant understand the meaning / requirement of “community leadership”, do you have any idea on it?

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maxpoon rule to upgraded as top seller is simple provide best srevice extra care of your customer and top seller make fiverr on these bases first i think thousand of reviews make top seller but 1 day i see 1 top rated seller have only 400 review total in his profile so its depend on fiverr and quality of your service 🙂

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