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Need help, please... about grammar


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I want to offer coloring sketch/illustration
but i need your help to fix this grammar below
(as thank i will give you free coloring for your sketch)

Hi, just send your sketch. Whatever you draw, I will color it. Send 2 sketch for me. One is final sketch that i want to color to, another is sketch with your direction. Example : you send me sketch about house. The first sketch is sketch with the color you want me to. The door is light blue, the roof is brown, etc. You can write with your handwritten.
The another (sketch) is clear from your handwritten. This is I will deliver the final product for you. I will color digitally.

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If it was me, this is how I would word it. I hope it is helpful to you 🙂

Hi, send me over your sketch and I will colour it for you.

To enable me to do this accurately for you I will require you to send me 2 copies of the sketch. One is a clear sketch that I can colour and the other should include your directions. For example: you send me a sketch of a house. The first sketch is for me to work on. The second sketch contains handwritten notes detailing that the door is light blue, the roof is brown, etc.

It is important that I receive a clean sketch without your notes so that the final colour sketch I provide you does not include your handwritten notes.

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