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Have fake buyer in Fiverr?


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Welcome to the world of online business, where you always have to be smart, practice good judgement and protect yourself when conducting transactions.

Here’s some reading at your leisure:

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Sellers, don't get scammed to work for free!

I thought I should write this post to call other sellers’ attentions to a common scam on Fiverr (and other platforms for that matter) so you don’t fall for it, especially if you’re a new seller looking for your first order. The Scenario: You get...

favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Got scammed once, your fault. Got scammed twice, my fault

So, as all sellers do, I met a lot scammers myself. Once you have some experience, you will know how to tell them from the others, but this post is for the guys who are just starting out on fiverr. When I first started using fiverr and got some...

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