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What Things Sellers Require from Buyers to Start an Order?


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Hi Great Buyers of Fiverr,

I wanted to Tell some things that We sellers always wants like i have to Cancel Some orders only because the buyer was unable to provide any info or not enough info or he/she does not even know what he/she wants.

So basically When ever you Order from someone. Its better that you should discuss all the details first with the buyers. For Example, For me as a Graphic Designer i always need to know the Company name, Taglines(if any) and What is your Business about or in Other words, what you do.

But If you don’t want to discuss the details with a Seller and you want to place an Order directly then you Should Send him all the Details that he will need. Some Sellers(Newer one’s) don’t know what they should ask a Buyer so in that case You should help the Seller by giving him all the details and There can be an opposite case when there is a New Buyer so he Should ask him about the things the Seller needs.

Also VERY IMPORTANT thing i wanted to say is that Do not Leave an Order Uncompleted because after the Seller Delivers the job. The Buyer have Three days to either ask for Modifications or Complete the job otherwise it will be Auto-completed so there is no fault of a Seller in it so Always give the Order proper time. I know many Sellers want to say these things so i’d tried some of the points. Do give me comments if you want to Share more things like what you want from a Seller in the Start of the order.


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For me its not a headache. I had to cancel 3 Orders just because of these reasons. He sent an attachment to work on. The file was locked with the password and he was long gone so i had to cancel the order. Another he Sent me a Drawing while my gig states that i don’t do so again cancellation. So I am adding another point that

“you should read all the Description on the gig page.”

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