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Sellers ability to put feedback on cancelled late orders

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Title speaks for itself again. We the sellers should be able to put feedback on cancelled late orders also. I usually have clients that go asking for too much revisions, even if it’s not part of my gig description anymore or clients that go unresponsive for days, then when the project is marked as late, they’ll be cancelling it. It’s unfair that sellers don’t get to put a feedback explaining the situation. it’s just that when they do that, even if you exerted an extra amount of effort, we can’t even explain our side. It’s just instant “Cancelled order, Seller failed to deliver on time - 1 star”.

Fiverr should really be helping the sellers also, not just mostly on Buyer’s side.

We should have the ability to accept/decline some orders. because there are others who just deliberately orders from your gig without reading the description, then they’ll just go cancel orders when they don’t get what they want. They don’t even know how important the rate impacts it can be made to the seller.

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