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Why does give more stuff, buyer more go away so far...?


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Most likely it’s a case of better visibility of the particular gig, as well as a high chance of the seller being around long enough. Aka, the longer you are here, the bigger of a recurring client-base you may build up. What this means is that chances are the particular seller built up a client-base and has already proved themselves to the particular buyers and the buyers are satisfied with that seller so they stick with them even if other people offer a more competitive price.

It works similar in cases of insurance and banks. Once people initially join a bank or an insurance company, 90% of the time they stick with that insurance company and bank for most of their life. Just in this case it is their “business life”. As long as the buyer is happy, is the most important part.


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No matter if you offer more things for the same price, good buyers will always know the difference between quality and quantity (not all the buyers though).

For example, I offer 10 profile backlinks in my oldest gig. There are other sellers offering up to 25 profile backlinks for the same price, but the quality might not be the same as in my gig.

Also, I deliver my orders in less than 48 hours (actually in around 24 hours). When I use Fiverr as a buyer, I try to find the fastest and highest quality gigs available. So, keep that in mind too.

Keep in mind that if you offer too much, the buyers might think you are desperate or that your service is low quality.

In the end quality will give you more sales if you do it right and if you’re lucky and your gig gets proper visibility in the search engine.

That is the reason why I have many returning buyers, that even days when my gigs are not visible in the search engine, I always manage to get orders. The last time I got a day without any orders was like 8 months ago, and that is thanks to returning buyers. 😉

Best Of Luck.

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