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We sellers often complaint about difficult Buyers, what about difficult Sellers?


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I am seller on fiverr since 5 years now and I have seen many difficult buyers but I often buy as well so I’ve experienced the buyer side as well.

My question from the sellers is, what do you do when a buyer is difficult just because he’s new on fiverr and he’s not very familiar with it? What if a buyer didn’t read your gig desciption and ordered your gig just because of your catchy gig title? Or what if you have mentioned a limit to your $5 service which he didnt know (because he did’nt read) and now when you are asking for gig extra, he’s not ready because that is out of his budget?

In all the cases mentioned above, the mistake may be at the buyer’s end but still, my suggestion to the sellers is to remain flexible, take some time to guide the buyer and even if you want to cancel the gig, make sure that it doesnt hurt the buyer’s feelings about fiverr. In case its your mistake (unclear gig description), take extra care and deliver what you have said in your gig and change the gig description making your point clear.

I have faced many buyers who take more of my time than usual in providing info about their requirements. It becomes difficult at times to entertain them but I still do spend the extra time for two reasons,

  1. I’ll be fiverr’s first impression for them,
  2. I can make him/her a repeat buyer easily.

So, look at the new buyers as an opportunity and not an extra time consuming job.

Good luck 🙂

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You are mixing two things into one argument, first impressions and opportunities versus someone changing your diaper are two different things.

Remaining flexible and changing your diaper for you too are two different things.

FIRST, I politely ask and instruct my buyers to read my descriptions and ask me questions based of that… or if they don’t understand I explain completely in multiple paragraphs. I DO do that… and I am super super nice guy… SUPER nice…

BUT BUT BUT but if they KEEP on not listening to me and pretending to not understand me so they can get what they want, because SOME buyers do do that on here… well. I’m sorry we can’t work together and you can’t take advantage of my offer…sorry goodbye

It is NOT okay to be a naive and lazy buyer on Fiverr. You won’t get any special attention or have someone hold your hand, you don’t get that in the real world, you won’t get it here. Sorry.

Buddy, when you buy a car and if you don’t know how to drive, is it the sellers responsibility to teach you how to drive too especially if they already are giving you a good deal on the car? No right? Is it your responsibility to also know how much the payments are going to be or are you just going to be naive and wait until you get your first monthly bill and then find out its too much for you to afford…

Come on… now.

If the seller is marking up his prices to normal market value then he or she will spend the time to help more, maybe… but if they are selling their services at rock bottom prices, its not fair to ask for educational lessons too, time is MONEY.

Don’t be lazy or naive, you want a good deal, you want a cheaper price, you want to use Fiverr starting at $5 dollars for services, It all comes down to not being lazy or naive.

Let’s say you were one of my customers, you like my affordable lowest price gig $5 , but don’t like my complaining or if I keep on cancelling your order, order from someone else then… or follow my instructions, policy and work structure and ask questions based on after you read what you are getting.

Sorry I’m not going to clean your diaper too if I’m already selling you a diaper for 1 penny.


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@joeyperezwest and @emmaki,

Well well, I am sure if I say, customer is the King, you’ll count me in people with old business mentaliy… to some extent thats still true…

and being a seller, I know what you are saying… you have all the rights to cancel a gig (and fortunately, fiverr doesnt affect your ratings for cancelling the gigs) but then there are sellers who are willing to pay higher, all they need is a direction if they are new on fiverr.

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To be honest, I’m really not into this whole idea of holding a buyers hand throughout the order process. If you order something for $5 which I explicitly say I do not do for $5, your an idiot. You haven’t read my gig description, you’ve just decided that I can do anything for $5 and I don’t have time for this. That might sound harsh but from experience, the needy buyers pay less, moan more and take up time which I could otherwise be using to work with more professional and rewarding clients.

Also, this whole “maybe you should say that you don’t do this and that in your gig description” really drives me nuts. My gig descriptions say exactly what I do. Saying what I don’t do defeats the point of me trying to use this space to sell myself.

In fact, this approach is like trying to sell ketchup by saying "this is not mayonaise, this can not me used to make tuna mayonaise sandwiches, please don’t buy this if you are looking to buy mayonaise etc etc.

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I agree 100% I justy tried to get a logo created by maliog45 and they didnt follow any directions from color schemes to the icon logo. when I asked for a refund maliog45 ignored me then told me they will comply with the refund and then declined it just to make things difficult and even reported me to fiver. maliog45 has been such a bad seller that I am not sure how they are even allowed to sell through fiver. I want to make sure everyone know that this seller is BAD NEWS!

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Which I am happy to help them with if they are new customers… at what point do you refuse service if its starting to effect you dealing with other customers…

Or let me ask you this question then adkafridi,

If you have a store, that sells products, three customers come up to you all at the same time,

an old woman
a young kid
a business man

which one do you talk to first and which one do you talk to last?

and lets say the first one starts to ask you questions about who made your products and why and how they save the planet from pollution, and they want your complete attention and don’t want you to leave their side until you explain everything which would take you an hour to do…

and then the other customer is waiting on you looking at you, what do you tell that customer…

tell me, what do you do… answer the two questions…

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Some of the work on Fiverr involves customer service and handling customer service for sales not really for anything else, so what if they don’t want to wait for the answer? How do you nicely say you won’t work with them…

Are you going to even acknowledged the other people waiting?

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Guest samali93

I once had a buyer, a repeat for that matter, who despite my repeated requests (which is also part of my gig description) to contact me before placing an order kept doing the opposite. I have to juggle fiverr with being a full-time student and this became a real problem at times. Her last order was difficult and she had placed it(without first contacting me) during a time when I was loaded with work from university… I politely explained the situation and cancelled the order she simply replied saying she’ll never give me work ever again. She did stick to her promise but now I feel a little more relaxed on fiverr knowing I won’t have an unexpected gig order waiting for me.

What I am trying to say is sometimes it’s better to let the difficult buyers go without any regrets… So same applies to sellers you save a lot of stress by just giving up on expecting miracles I their initial service is bad… Always approach them cautiously and with low expectations.

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"what do you do when a buyer is difficult just because he’s new on fiverr and he’s not very familiar with it?"
Refer the customer to relevant support articles.
"What if a buyer didn’t read your gig desciption and ordered your gig just because of your catchy gig title?"
Remind the buyer and give some time to provide the needed information. If that fails then there is only one option and that is to offer a cancellation.
"Or what if you have mentioned a limit to your $5 service which he didnt know (because he did’nt read) and now when you are asking for gig extra, he’s not ready because that is out of his budget?"
Let the buyer choose between paying for the extra work or changing the requirements. Alternatively offer a cancellation. Though if its a tiny change that’s not going to cost me to much i might just do it, sadly often its something that’s going to increase my expenses above the profit margin.

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