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Emotional expectations for NEW & SEMI-NEW Fiverr sellers


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So you are looking at Fiverr, and have many different goals with it in mind but it all comes down to ORDERS… you have read and read and read all that you can, but after everything, you are disappointed because you aren’t where you want to be on Fiverr… well then THIS article is for YOU.

Reaching your goals on or with Fiverr as with in your personal life that pertain to your own happiness should be something that is done at your own pace. Never let anybody else tell you how long it should take you to make money or to sell something on Fiverr, it isn’t their place to say. Only YOU know how much time or what you need, for you to move forward on Fiverr and reach your goals… to change a part of your life, business aspect or your mindset to move forward, only you know which part needs improvement, to move up on Fiverr, It’s really all up to you…really.

Time and time again, I see sellers from all walks of life, from all the categories on Fiverr, posting in the forums… from new sellers to Top sellers/super sellers try to tell you do this, do that, setup goals with deadlines on this feature or that, and this and that, or just plainly report generic business concepts for the sake posting on the forum with no real help. I myself have posted a few articles like this not really realizing that the community needs more, they crave more and WANT more…so here I am…writing in a more conversational way and talking about the emotional aspect of it, to maybe help you, understand a bit of what made me successful so you can mold it for your success… although it all has good intentions not all people will feel the same about this or that advice. There is no true step-by-step guide because this is a very large dynamic marketplace and international community, so keep that in the back of your mind.

The one thing I learned being on Fiverr…

Don’t approach your Fiverr goals to reach Top Seller, or make a living off Fiverr based on strict deadlines, as this will only encourage negative feelings and guilty emotions if you don’t achieve your Fiverr goals within the time-frame that you have set yourself up for here. Instead be patient with yourself, use the system tools that connect you with your buyers, communicate, and listen to the buyers feedback, recognize the fact that you may need time to transform your mindset, develop better gig sales pages, and most importantly emotions in order to effectively make the changes needed in your life to fully achieve a goal being a Fiverr service or product seller.

I’ve learned being on Fiverr, and with any entrepreneur venture, slow and steady wins the race - ultimately, your mindset should always be about making effective changes in your LIFE that Fiverr can perfectly fit into not the other way around.

If you are feeling that failure feeling on Fiverr, if you don’t achieve a goal or find yourself slipping backwards because of negative feedback, don’t panic. Perhaps you’ve come close to achieving your goal of changing your gig, started getting sales, and then all of a sudden BOOM, sales drops… never beat yourself up for setbacks - or blame the system, these setbacks are the most important part of achieving your goals on Fiverr. Instead think about how your period of relapse made you feel, did you feel happier, or could you feel the old, negative thoughts and unhappiness creeping back? Allow this to be what motivates you and spurs you on to create new and even better gigs on Fiverr! That is why they let you have multiple gigs and not just a single gig! Think about it. Let this spur you into achieving your goals that you set yourself up for IN life ON Fiverr.

I’ve reached a point where I FEEL any opportunity for me that is not being done on Fiverr, I can come up with a NEW gig based on what my clients and the feedback I have received. In other words, when I have orders I am Fiverr HAPPY! When I don’t have orders I am STILL Fiverr Happy! I take that opportunity to see what else I can offer or how to enhance my current services and I keep my emotional state in a positive one.

Pay attention very closely to what I am about to say, there will be NO “magic day” where you’ll suddenly fully achieve a Fiverr goal, (besides moving up on the badges) or there will never be a day “you’ll look back” and say I will never have a slow day on Fiverr, every entrepreneur has slow days, even big corporations have slow days, YOU have to prepare in advanced for these slow days, and learn to change during these slow days, its part of Fiverr life . Set-backs and relapses are bound to happen, and there will be days where you can’t help but feel sad and think negative things about Fiverr. It’s all actually part of human-life, nobody can be completely happy all the time!

Really… I mean think about it, I bet you can name five things that will make you sad instantly, or that are making you unhappy, but can you name 10 things in your life that actually make you happy instantly? If you can point out more unhappy things that AREN’T making you happy then there is something wrong with your bigger picture of life… However, seeing Fiverr as part of your LIFE LONG GOALS CAN help you to take control of your negativity and unhappiness rather than allowing these feelings and emotions to have control over you.

So I hope this helps you be HAPPY on Fiverr no matter what is happening in YOUR present… by making Fiverr part of your life long goals… if you do you will be happy with orders or without orders and will continue to help the Fiverr marketplace and community positively grow. You will most importantly know what to do in between orders!

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Good post Joey, and I wholeheartedly agree, but I don’t think your audience will read it and take it to heart… just look at the messages on Andy’s thread post-webinar. Anyone who really wants to make it will. The rest? They don’t want to read, they want that magic day. Moe fool them I guess.

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Yes, but how can I get more sales!!! And why are my impressions dropping? And how do I get my gig on the first page!!!

  • Only joking. My only personal piece of add-on advice to this would be that it is very important for all aspiring sellers to remember to go outside occasionally. This and to try not to let their computer station become a micro apartment with toast crumbs everywhere where they do everything but sleep and use the toilet (hopefully).

Thankfully, I have a dog and a significant other who are together capable of biting scratching and growling at me in order to help me remember to stretch my legs at least three times a day. Not everyone does though and it is very, very important.

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I get it, I really do, and for some products and services it might be an easy case, but there is no universal formula… its BUSINESS. There are MANY factors to take into consideration and that is what is important to remember and realize.

You can’t have a ONE SIZE FITS all. I do agree with you with what you said about going out and kicking up your feet on a rock from time to time… computers are not that good on the body after being in front of them for a while… weight, posture all that…

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Everyone has the potential to be as special as they want to be, what matters is how hard you are willing to work at it to make yourself shine with whatever you are trying to do.

One thing that will help you is to ask for things… when is the last time you asked someone to give you something you wanted without paying for it?

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