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How to Submit a Support Ticket ✉️ FIVERRCONTACT


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For those who cannot find the ticketing system here os a link to contact Customer Support. ✉️

On that page there are help articles and information, but in the upper right is a “submit ticket” hyperlink that opens a form page. Click the drop-down box on the forum and proceed.

There are some email addresses for Fiverr including support@fiverr.com. I don’t recommend them because tickets get higher priority than emails. Emails can also be lost in transit.

There are no published phone numbers for Fiverr. If your mother is a Fiverr staff member, call her mobile. Otherwise, use the ticket system. 😉

1.) Customer Support page:

2.) Ticket Submission Form start:

3… Continue filling in fields until you submit. You will have the opportunity to describe the issue in detail and upload files if needed.

  1. If you would like to view a video, see below in this thread 🎬

To easily find this post again, search for keyword FIVERRCONTACT

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**Moderator Note: The following post was created by Fiverr user @smks15 and includes a video! Thanks to @smks15 for this helpful content.

It has been added to this pinned post on “How to Contact Customer Support” for those who want some additional visuals.** 🎬

Hi there,
few days I follow fiverr forum, many seller and buyer post topics “how to contact with fiverr support”, so I open this topic. simply I describe below and attach a short video tutorial.
specially new user are confused about to contact customer support on Fiverr. even they think - maybe no support option exist from them as other websites but its their wrong idea,

I think, any problem with any options in fiverr, u should to contact customer support, fiverr support are very wise and kind to help ,but what happen if you don't know how to contact :D its okey, no matter:

follow this -------

1…go to help option from profile sub menu - as I show,

2… click sign in right top corner, create a ticket, full information . you can also add extra reply after create it.

3…you will get reply soon, I see they are very helpful and yes I contact them many times.

4…an email will you get immediately as per every single ticket create and every reply of fiverr customer support.

5…you may click on email link and reply by enter your ticket,.

6…after resolved your ticket, you can rate this support as 10 star or other.
. thank you.

To easily find this thread again, search for keyword FIVERRCONTACT.

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