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5 Top Tips for Buyers to get their Orders Delivered Faster


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Hi all,

Did you know there are ways to get your order delivered faster without having to pay more for it?

These are my top 5 tips for buyers.

  1. Always number your questions / points in your communications with sellers. This way sellers can reply faster to each specific point you make.

  2. Carrying on from above, never write vague sentences - be as specific as possible to reduce the amount of backwards and forward conversation.

e.g. if you write a paragraph talking about 3 different things don’t the type a sentence beneath it with “this” in it. Explain what “this” your are referring to.

  1. This is more for newbies, look out for the pink dots at the top on the black bar at the top of Fiverr. The To Do list, the Notifications and Inbox. It’s worth checking all 3 as often as possible.

  2. Don’t log off straight after sending a message to a buyer. The buyer might be quick to respond and need to ask or clarify something with you. But if you don’t log in for another 12 -24 hours the whole order can be delayed. Consider getting the Fiverr app on your phone to speed up communications.

  3. Know what you are ordering, if the buyer has a gig video watch it. If the buyer’s gig has PDF’s under their gig video, open them up to full screen and see what’s there. Scroll through the buyers portfolio to the right on each gig by clicking on the “>” arrows. Some buyers can provide many more examples if you simply ask them.

I hope this helps you with receiving your orders more quickly from Fiverr sellers in the future.

Kind Regards,

Murray / Creativeman

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You need to keep it simple.

I always tell them my name and ask their name as the first question. This keeps everything personal polite and professional.

Then the following questions are usually me asking for specific websites from them depending on what gig they order from me.

If you keep it clear cut, succinct and methodical you will find it a great Fiverr feature.

Kind Regards,

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I deliver within 24hrs with a $100 bribe.

This isn’t going to work with the droolers who say “pelase writing contets for my website” and that’s all you’re gonna get. They won’t be reading this either, as they will be busy calculating the length of a piece of string instead.

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