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I've lost $10,000! WO IST MEIN GOTT?


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Not on the horses. Not on a drug addiction. Not even on a rare, priceless Barbie doll that I was assured was a GENUINE product but actually turned out to be boxed horse shit.

No. I completed an order 6 month ago, and tomorrow, I’ll show you the proof. I am now in debt to Fiverr–no longer in debt to PayPal, as I am the minnow in a pool of theft.

This could be you. Do you want it to be you? I slave day and night singing to my Lord to save me, but all I get is angry buyers who are surprised that my work ethic has dropped. If I’m lucky, I’ll get some thin gruel later–and I’ll be glad for it.

Anyway, union, anyone? Sure, think to yourself that it is far-fetched, but it isn’t. If you disagree, don’t just say “ur idea sux”, explain to me why. It will help me to refine my concept at least.

Also, buyers are more than welcome to this conversation. You are the other half of the equation. We can help you to achieve great things, and you can help us to… well OK this is nebulous, but “live our lifestyle”.

I just want a debate. If your English is pretty bad, that’s fine. PM with your ideas and I’ll help you make them understood. Spammers will be shot at dawn, just so we are clear.

OK, go. Lose $10k or be at the vanguard of a movement that’s surfing on current trends? You gonna let Silicon Valley wankers win or reclaim the net for us?

MOD/ADMIN: I planted this in tips for sellers for visibility. I understand if you need to move it, Conversations I guess. But… be kind and leave it a while? I won’t tell if you don’t!

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I do have a pretty sweet trick to adjust any page to make it look like it’s real though. I’ve only read about it so I expect I’ll have egg on my face tomorrow. Can we just focus on the thing instead?

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What a shockingly good idea! I imagine disputes are pretty rare in the grand scale of things–only Fiverr’s accountants really know–but since Fiverr has a sort of “escrow” in place that lacks all the benefit of escrow, why not put aside a small percentage to account for it when it arises? It’s a simple gesture of goodwill that would go a long way to increasing seller confidence in the platform–as would allowing buyers to withdraw their funds after a cancellation rather than insisting on credit.

But no, the former is subject to an “investigation” (fat lot of help to someone who has lost hundreds) and the latter has to instigate a dispute. Only in that case, the seller has already refunded, so Fiverr’s the “loser” here.

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It has to happen at some point. The old, traditional job for life is pretty much extinct and more and more people are turning to freelancing–especially the up-and-coming workforce. I don’t know how the logistics would work, either. That said, forming a kind of informal collective is probably the best way to go forward.

…and probably not on this website. Which, of course, violates Fiverr Law 101. Lulz. Nice one. Jury-rigged from the beginning! Not to mention deeply hampered by people’s fear of losing their income etc etc. Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson:

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

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While the idea would be great for sellers initially I think it would lead to an increase in the number of chargebacks that actually happen. It’s the old idea that it is easier to steal from a big company than from an individual. If a potentially dodgy buyer knows there is a fund that covers sellers in this situation the thought of the “poor Fiverr seller trying to feed their family” is gone.
The knock on would be that Fiverr would need to increase the fund and therefore increase the 20%… a vicious cycle.
It makes more sense for them to come up with a way of either striking a deal with PayPal (unlikely), allocating staff to deal on the sellers behalf (cost) or finding an alternative to using Paypal (potential but also unlikely due to the lack of a viable, internationally recognized alternative). Personally, I think allocating staff to deal with these would be the best option. Someone who responds to Paypal to query the chargeback. I have had attempts from people to cancel payment through Paypal and when you provide evidence that you have delivered what was agreed then Paypal can rule in your favour.

The only reason Fiverr don’t do this is down to staff/time costs but the fact is, if they really want to start bringing up the average price of sales (which is why packages was introduced) they need to bring in a way to ensure those high value sales.

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Hi, Greek Godess at your assistance 😉 For “WO IST MEIN GOTT?” in Greek you can use:

Παναγιά βοήθα (Help Holy Mary) which is most usual
Πού είσαι Θεέ μου; (Where are you, my God?)
Χριστέ μου! (My Christ!) in despair

Anything else? Just ask… and you will be granted 🙂

By the way, I am not sure I have understood what exactly has happened to you (it is kind of Greek to me), but just in case you mean it (that you have lost this amount) and it is not a joke, I am truly sorry and I do wish that some “magic” will happen for your good 🙂

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I have thought about the idea of a seller’s union before but the reality is that Fiverr can close an account without any real reason. An easy, if unethical way to get rid of any union leaders. The inability to contact each other privately is also a major issue, how do you negotiate with someone who knows everything you have discussed with union members.

My alternative idea would be that there would be nominated sellers who get some more responsibility from Fiverr (like Forum admins do), including the ability to speak directly to some of the higher level staff. There would then be specific threads opened for specific issues such as - Seller ideas, seller problems etc. The nominated sellers would take the most popular ideas or biggest problems (with lots of likes/comments) and bring them to Fiverr staff who would then come back with a specific response.

An example would be the recent idea that Fiverr would start showing “read” on messages that have been received. A number of sellers, myself included, voiced their opposition to that idea and thankfully, it hasn’t happened (yet). Imagine if this issue was put in a thread where sellers could vote/voice their opinion (which was done but with no feedback from Fiverr) and then a specific seller would take this to Fiverr staff and say, “5000 sellers read this post and 3657 of them said they hate the idea, it probably shouldn’t happen, what do you think?”.
Senior Fiverr staff then discuss it themselves and come back to the seller who then posts the official decision or response.

This could be done in a more general way too where the nominated seller(s) would have a monthly face to face/s***e with senior staff to discuss issues from that month. This would not be individual issues but general issues like the chargeback system, new features etc.

This idea also needs a lot of thrashing out and I am aware that most of us are freelancers because we want to run our business our own way, this will lead to a lot of different opinions but having some kind of system will be better than none.

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As we live in capitalism, as we are alle Fiverr capitalists, we believe in banks and Paypal is our god!

So we follow all the same religion. If we want or not. We are forced to believe that. Religious by force 🙂

Oh s**t!!!?

Did I really wrote that?

Maybe I was forced to do so. I´ll think about.

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