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Just few tips for buyers/sellers written by me :)


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Hi everybody,
My name is Roberto and I’m a Fiverr Seller and buyer since 2014.
I selled more than 200 gigs and bought more than 100.
I become a level 2 in the first two months and I’m proud of that 🙂

As a seller I would share few suggestion for buyers:

  • Read carefully the information of the gig you are going to buy.

In case of gigs like mine, how many seconds I’ll record with one gig, which instruments I can record for you, what kind of format I will deliver etc etc.
And in case you have any doubt…

  • Write a message before make the order
    We obviously love when a buyer buy our gigs, but sometimes we love more the human feel or we need to ask more information to be sure that we can do a perfect job for you.
    Fiverr introduce the “custom offer” e and we really enjoy to use it.
    If we have a chat before start the work we can do a good price for you or we can decide the perfect deadline for both of us.

  • Introduce yourself
    Please, a seller is a person like you, and like every person in the world, loves to be treated kindly.
    So, please don’t write only:
    “I need a guitar in my hook!” Or "record a banjo from 2:05 to 3:07"
    “I need a violin in my song!”
    (These are real examples and I have more of it… 🙂 )

Imagine to be in front of a musician in his recording studio;
in which way you will introduce yourself?

Here a suggestion:
Hi (seller name or nick name), my name is (your Name or nick name) , I’m looking for that…
Could you please
Can you please do
Let me know if you could be interested.
Have a good day or all the best or greetings 🙂

  • Pay attention to the time zone.
    Fiverr give us the possibility to open our market to the whole world , this means different time zones.
    Fiverr has introduced also the possibility to see if a member is online or what time is in his home country, so please don’t expect that we will reply if you write me at 3:30 a.m.
    Maybe I’m awake but probably don’t 🙂

  • Don’t use tips as "job fee"
    We love tips, but please don’t tell us things like: “If you do a great job I’ll tip you”.
    By my side I always do my best to do a great job and to get my customers satisfied.
    If you want to tip us, just do it, don’t tell us before the job starts.

Sometimes I give more than expected, I don’t do that for tips but because I love my job!
Anyway if you’ll tip me I will be grateful and happy because it means that you are satisfied.

  • Don’t ask fast gigs without pay for that.
    If you need a job done fast, Fiverr insert the Extra fast gig service.
    We have a “to do list” to respect in our dashboard, so please don’t tell us : “I need this job done by tomorrow!”.
    If you’ll ask in a kindly way and I’m free, maybe I’ll do it. But if you want to be sure I suggest you to buy the extra fast gig.

I want to say thank you to all the fiverr staff and all the people like you who are helping this community to grow healthy and happy 🙂

All the best

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