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Does Fiverr sometimes just \"stop\"?


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Hi Everyone!

Well, i’ve been selling on fiverr for a long time now and i always had a good amount of sales, but now it just stop… Is this normal?

I keep sending my offers and sharing the links on the social media but it is not working.

Does this ever happen to you?

Let me know.

Best wishes, Aniuska.

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Has the stop lasted for long? If so, you may want to start by visiting your gig’s category and sort the gigs by rating. Then check where your gig is in the results.

Logo design seems like a saturated category though, as everyone offers the exact same thing.

May also want to contact any buyers that did not enjoy your gig fully and ask them if they’d like a new one for free, or a refund.

Good luck!

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Yes I notice it. When it does happen its normally right again within 5 minutes but can be really annoying when you’ve typed a lot of text and then the site goes down.

EDIT > sorry I thought you meant the site stopping but you meant sales stopping.

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