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Review my gigs and I will review yours!


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I disagree, I have four gigs (which I am still working on) and as an advertising professional, Branding is important, people will come to recognize your picture with who you are and what you do.

I haven’t checked out your gigs yet… but I will. Anyway we can help each other out is a great idea.

Happy for some constructive criticism … links below.

https://www.fiverr.com/jc_adman/professionally-edit-your-audio (still waiting for video approval on this one.)

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Hi thibaultmar,

I just checked out your SEO gig.

You come across as very aggressive.

I think you should focus on more about what you can do for the customer. Highlight a common problem and provide a solution.

I would stay away from the negatives such as what you won’t do.

Things that you won’t do come under client management in other words you mange the clients expectations when they make contact with you, that way you can have a proper chat with them and explain what works and what doesn’t and why.

Hope this helps



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Thank you for your input ! Personally I like having the same picture for branding. Adding a video might be something I have to look into !

Now for your gigs. I checked your 2 animated videos gig and I don’t really see the use for the triple package. The first one and the second one are essentially the same except for the deadline, and the third one adds very little.

Maybe just use 1 offer with extra fast delivery and extra revisions as possible extras ?

Also your text feels a bit heavy at times due to an overuse of bold and caps. Maybe you could do some extra formatting to that!

Feel free to ask me more stuff, it’s a pleasure to help!

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Thank you ! Not really sure about the picture though. Helps with branding and recognition !

I checked your gig and it looks alright ! What I would do if I were you is dropping the “beginner/intermediate” from your bio.

Feel free to ask me more questions !

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Hi JC!

That’s actually a very good point. I’m new to fiverr so I thought it would be smart to put something like what I won’t do to scare off the people who have unrealistic goals.

My target audience are people who need SEO help but realise that it’s not as easy as ‘buying’ 1000 backlinks.

But since you can still say what you won’t do after they make contact, i’ll delete it !

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thanks for your input, now i’ll give you mine.

audio editing

I like the video on your audio editing gig, no better marketing than showing the possible results! but your prices are off.
30 minutes is 5 dollars, 45 minutes is 10 and 60 minutes is 15.

Your prices are rising faster than the service, which is never a good thing.

produce your commercial

I like the gig, I like the example ( again ) But do you get a lot of clicks on this ?
I think that some of the keywords might be a bit off. I suppose most of your clients don’t really know a lot about audio editing so what importance gives the keyword “music bed” them, might want to pick “radio” instead of that one.

But that’s just my 0,02$

Radio script

This is another fine example of a nice video, and i’m really nitpicking here since I like the gig. But If this was my gig I would change “Your script is then entirely yours to do with as you please.” + the list to “Your script will be of such quality than it can be used for” + the list.

It’s a detail but it would make the list more useful.

and last but not least the voice over

I really like this one and here I like your prices way more than in the first one I reviewed. Makes way more sense here ! Not really much to say about this one.

in general

I like how you present yourself. you really come over as a friendly and trustworthy person due to the videos with your voice and your invitation for a chat, keep doing the good work !


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Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback.

It’s always good to get second pair of eyes on these things.

I will take a look at the pricing although 30 minutes of audio editing for $5 is exceptional value considering the time involved and the pricing goes up $5 per extra 15 minutes which again is exceptional value.

Music bed means they have music running underneath the commercial, maybe I should change it say, add music?

I like your suggestion to change the end of the radio script, I will amend the way that line is delivered.

Thanks for your time and good luck.



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I know that 5$ is cheap for 30 minutes, but you’re doubling the price and only adding half.

Having recorded an album in a professional yet low budget studio I know that 5$ is still a steal. but it’s psychological price setting.

Thank YOU for your time 🙂 and good luck !


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