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Why Newbies Fail on Fiverr


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I have not been on fiverr for a long time but for the short time I have spent on this platform and from my own personal experience, I have come to figure out some of the reasons why some new sellers fail to achieve success here on fiverr. I hope somebody learns from this.

  1. Avoiding buyer request/available project section

This section is one area that newbies should not joke with. You can get your first orders by making proper use of it. Everyday, you are given 10 request slots. Always go through the requests by the buyers and select the best 10 you are sure you can deliver on. Then write a very attractive message to the buyer in your request. Then always end up by asking them to contact you for more details. This is a call to action that will move most buyers to at least send you a message. Then always ensure you are among the first 3-5 persons to send a request to a buyer. But even if you happen not to fall into the top 5, still go ahead and send a request. So NEVER EVER AVOID THE BUYER REQUEST SECTION.

  1. Not checking your fiverr account regularly

So many new sellers do not regularly check their account. There may be various reasons for this but the reasons are not what am talking about here. The point here is if you really want to succeed on fiverr, you should check your account at least twice a day - preferably in the morning and evening. The reason for this is because you never can tell when a message or an order will come in. With this, you will be always on time to respond to potentials buyers who drop by and also keep all your records such as response time at the best level possible

  1. Impatience

When the orders don’t come in early, majority of newbies tend to get discouraged and pull out of fiverr or just care less and abandon their account. This is impatience. To succeed, you must be very patient and wait for the orders and I can assure you that they will come even sooner than you think. Keep doing everything right and never give up till you start seeing the green lights

  1. Poor communication skill

Most sellers do not know how to chat or relate with buyers or potential buyers in a friendly manner. Treat them as Kings. I have of this slogan that says “CUSTOMER IS KING”. This simply means that you are jovial, friendly and polite when chatting with potential buyers. Am not suggesting bringing yourself so low and looking so cheap for buyers. I hope you get my point.

  1. Late order delivery

Eventually that seemingly elusive first order arrives and some newbies are nowhere to be found. And before you know they get to see it late or even cancelled already. This usually occurs as a result of points 2 and 3 above. If you can avoid 2 or 3 above, you will most likely avoid this one too. Make sure you deliver on time by all means to avoid order cancellation.

If you can take care of these key areas, I believe you will succeed on fiverr

I hope this helps,

To your fiverr success…


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I actually experienced point 5, which brought me back on Fiverr. When I decided to check my account my first order had been cancelled 2 hours ago, but hopefully I received 2 other orders within the next days. However, the cancelled order made my reputation drop a little bit, so I can’t make offer in the “Available projects” section, unfortunately.

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Buyer’s Request: There are times when one is left with no other choice than to avoid this area for awhile. Why? Because its getting difficult to separate buyers from sellers as some sellers are posting requests to look like jobs when they’re actually looking for work.

The points mentioned above do hit home for some new sellers. Another factor in regards to the Impatience part could also stem from not understanding certain market categories; some are more saturated than others.

Wonderful post and hope the points are taken to heart.

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Guest cynthiaailese

I’m not following as to why you would avoid the Buyer’s Request page because of people looking for work…You can just skip over them (which is part of the patience aspect)…

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