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When someone disturbs you


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Every day we are in here. We are writings in forum We are trying to help seller and also buyer. But when some experts post a awesome post, after that do you feel problem?
Do you get private messages that “please help me” “I am a new seller” etc. If we told them please go to forum , after that they started to misbehave, and called us moody.
But they never understand, private message only for buyer not for them .

Now if you tell me that why we are wasting our time in forum. no, we are not wasting our time. But in private messages , thats the waste of time. Everyday I am getting this kind of messages … I cordially ask them to post in forum , and they started wrong behave.

What about you ???

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I also direct people to the forums, if thats not good enough then just respond with a custom offer.
“for a fiver i will search the forums for posts related to your issue”
“for another fiverr i will direct you to a related support article if one exists”
"for 50 dollars i will give you custom advice based on my own fiverr experience"
Just pick any of those and i’m sure the idea of using the forums will suddenly seem more appealing.

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