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I have got level 2. felling positive


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i have got level two. I am very happy. haters can’t stop me. But one of my low rated gig attached with my profile as (best seller package). how can I remove it. it is not my best gig. how can I add another best gig there?
I hope, I will giving my best service to my all clients.

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Pardon my light-hearted nit-picking of your grammar, but, I don’t think “felling” is the right word you’re looking for. The word “felling” would be used in connection to chopping down a tree, usually in a timber/logging capacity.

So, in the context of your thread title, you’re saying that you’re happy to have earned level two, and now you’re cutting down your positiveness. 😛

This would be a classic example of faulty English having a completely different meaning than the intended proper spelling – something that I see far too often here on Fiverr.

In the case of this post, I’m being humorous, but, this is also a great reminder to take the time and use proper English grammar and spelling in your gig descriptions. Sellers look less than professional when they don’t take the time to write – and spell – correctly.

English is the language of business… and, generally, the language of Fiverr. Take the time to look professional. Use proper English. 😉

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