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Help with my Tags please!


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Hello, I´m hoping someone could help me.
I have some issues, when I use the tags (the five og them) I used in one of my gig I can find it, and if I can´t find it I´m thinking possible buyer won´t either. You can try yourself: try “netflix template” and pleas tell me if you got an impression of it, I couldn´t altough is marked as an active Gig. in fact if you type “Netflix” in the search box of fiverr you´ll get just four gigs, none of them mine and I got two.

Besides this, I have some more questions about tags.
Is it ok if I use two words for each tag? or it should be just one? I´m doing two words per tag in all my gigs and I know I´m not selling as much as I wished for, I don´t know if this is one of the reasons.

I found about the SEO techniques and I use them and experiment with them but still I havn´t got to much of a result.

One more question, this one´s about the statistics, the clicks and views that I do on my own profile and gigs; are they counted on the statistics?, some days I got as low as 2 clicks and I don´t know if got them from myself. Pretty frustrating not to know that.

I hope someone could dim some light on me with this, I´m starting to loose hope. Thanks so much in advance.

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You have a lot of questions there…

I will say this, when you search for Netflix, I see 4 gigs, none of which are yours… so you’re right there… however I will also say that none of those 4 gigs that show up don’t have any sales to speak of… soooooo is that really a keyword that people are searching for and buying things for?.. I would say no… Doesn’t seem like being listed there would be worth your time either way.

You want to get in the mix with popular gigs, not off in the shadows hanging around unsuccessful gigs.

Fiverr attracts a specific kind of buyer, and you need to make sure that what you offer is something that is sought after by the masses if you want to make decent money.

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Hi juicex! Thank you for your response! 🙂
And your totally right, on my other gigs I tried to accomplish that, with these two I tried to mix “netflix” with some other things that buyers do look for and see what could happen, but I can´t know that if it doesn´t came up in searches and I can´t figure it out either.
Because buyers do look for intros and pohoto slideshows, in fact I did the netflix slideshow based on a custom order of one of my clients.

I really would like to know if they work or not and for that I need them to show up in the screen of possible buyers. If I search some keyword without netflix they don´t come up either :(, I look them all to the bottom.

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