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Fiverr support, Ethical? Or one sided,


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Hello there,
I’ve been having many problems with the customer support.
One of the recent examples,
One of the my buyers had place and order and had instructed me to make a logo from the image i was provided.
So basically i was given a icon, and title, I just had to put it together. That’s was all the instructions given.
I made couple of logos for him and even provided extra services, thinking the buyer would be happy.

But the buyer left me a negative feedback, And the comment was just “fg”(does it make any sense? )
I tried to contact him, but he never replies regarding my question, What did i do wrong? and the buyer replies
" i need the logo in a white background in png format. Thank you very much! "
If he doesnt like the logo, why would he need it that format, I said i would provide it and asked him why he left me a negative feedback, But the buyer did not respond.

My concern is, I was not given freedom to make a design of my own, Instead i was instructed by the buyer and i carried out the instructions, Maybe be the buyer had no idea of the rating system and accidently reviewd it.

When i contacted the fiverr support, they replied with this

“Hi there,
Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter. We have reviewed your request to remove the feedback placed on this order by your buyer. Unfortunately, your request to remove this rating does not meet our Feedback Removal Policy. If there is a difference of opinion regarding a feedback left by a buyer, then we suggest contacting the buyer to understand how they rated your services.
We do understand your frustration about this issue. I do recommend allowing the buyer time to respond to your messages, as we are unable to remove the feedback without their consent. Keep in mind that the effect of any feedback fades with time if you continue to work well and deliver with positive results.
Best regards,”

its like a template message, which they send everytime something like this happens. Anyways my point is, is this a fair reply?

Thank you!

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