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The buyer request section should be improved so that only real requests

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…are posted.

Hello guys,

I’ve just returned to Fiverr after several months of being absent.

I love the “new” forum as well as the many Fiverr.com changes!

All in all, I think the easiest way to reconstruct a solid sale base is by using the buyer requests feature. The problem is that it seems to be used by amateur individuals or people simply posting a job to big for $5.00.


  1. I think there should be a must purchase feature or at least a “commit to buy” so that requests are taken seriously and hard working sellers can actually spend time writing a legitimate proposal.

  2. Request should be posted by people that actually need a service and not simply abusing the system, reviewers should simply be reviewed by staff and once the above is Incorporated many unrealistic requests would simply disappear.

I strongly believe that this is actually a great feature. In fact many of us don’t even understand how powerful this feature could be. Sort of, “I need this service done within 6 hours” simply use this feature and someone online can simply reply and once the buyer “awards” the request, the request should be discarded right away.

Do you agree?
I would love to hear your thoughts about this, I understand that a discussion like this may have been posted 🙂 However, I would like to make a revolution so that Fiverr actually understands that this feature has the power to provide many sellers with legitimate work and buyers who are in need of a specific service or even a fast request.


  • If one needs a quick design in 1 hour
  • They need a specific task worked on, they don’t seem to find the perfect gig for it.
  • People tend to rather accept a detailed proposal rather than choosing a simple gig.


  • A seller with the expertise and who is online, currently not working can accept a request for a service completed in 1 hour.
  • New to Fiverr
  • Unique ability/service that can only be explained thru writing or personal contact with a legitimate buyer.

I honestly think the Requests section should be viewed as a very strong feature that actually has the ability to become just as great as Fiverr.com, gig selection itself.

If Fiverr is reading this 😉 I have plenty of ideas that can be incorporated as well as our friends below.

All for now, 🙂

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Guest sarahsope1

I think the ideas you outlined for improving the requests are great. I still wonder how effective they are though. I’ve put out dozens of offers and have never gotten a single accepted gig. Perhaps I am just not active enough in that area of fiverr, but it seems like a pretty useless arena to me. What do you recommend from a seller’s perspective regarding landing one of those requests?

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Another option would be that sellers have some credit to spend for BR. Then you’d have to spend 1 credit for responding to every buyers request (or perhaps 2 or 3 for bigger assignments). In that way you’d need to spend your BRs wisely. Every week or month you’d get some new credits.

New sellers would start out with some more credits to give them a little bit more opportunity to get some orders.

Buyers maybe wouldn’t need to commit to buy, but maybe they have to accept an offer for more than 2/3rd of the BRs they post or something. There’s always something that can get in the way

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