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Loving the new \'drop-down\' inbox


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Just noticed the new add-on for the Inbox button. Finally! The drop down menu!

It was time consuming to have to open new pages to confirm previous discussions with clients.
Made my work easier!

I hope it has helped you out.

Thank you Fiverr team!

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Your thread was moved to “Conversations”

I don’t like it at all. The new outline looks very confusing. Incoming messages really don’t stand out from the others accept for the notification above. I liked the old one better.

Edit: I just noticed the old one is still accessible by clicking on “View Inbox”.
Not sure what the purpose of this new feature is???

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Thank you for pointing out that we can switch back to the old one.
Every message including ones I have answered and read were all white so that I couldn’t tell the difference between new ones and old ones.
Whew so glad this is optional.

I see we have to click on “view inbox” each time we look at it to get the old one back.

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Having used it today, the good thing I found useful is its cut going- to- inbox -then -unread -message trip. Go straight to the message.
Would be more useful if you’d reply. May be apply Custom offer only till you go to inbox page.

Just a thought.

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