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Hi i am a success full on fiverr check out my gig


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You have many grammatical errors in your gigs, and your post.
This is the wrong section for your request.
You say you’re from New York, but profile says Pakistan…
You say your name is Lina, but the profile picture is of Tamera Lay, who’s from Canada and a life coach…

Lying is one thing, but being caught rather easily is another.

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She is from Newyork. But I think she is now Pakistan. Travelling !!!

Its really embarrassing things , now a days lots of people trying to hide themselves and they are also lying. I am also astonished a English woman skipped her grammatical Errors.

@designs_blast In this way you will never gain trust . Be yourself. Love your country. Proud yourself where you are from . Just dont lie and dont cheat. Anyway oneday you will get punished. So please be honest .

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