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Private Notes Section on Gig Order Pages

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Hi there, I think this addition to sellers order pages might help us significantly. If there were a little notes section that only the seller can see, we can keep notes about the buyer and their order on that page.

My main reason for this is because I find myself, more often than not, going back and forth between order page and private message (especially with custom orders/buyers requests) to see specifications discussed with the buyer that sometimes may change or not be fully disclosed on the order page itself.

I’ve actually even gone so far as to have some clients resubmit their scripts just so that there is less confusion for me (Otherwise, I would have to scroll down through many messages to find the pasted scripts somewhere that may also have been modified and changed a few times throughout). However, I am not quite sure if asking that makes me look a little less professional. So it would be nice if I could do that myself in a secret note.

Also, I could use it to remind myself if I want to give a buyer special pricing at a later date, or to keep notes on certain things they prefer or do not prefer for a future sale, as an example.

Would anyone else benefit from a feature such as this?

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I know what you mean as I used to do the same - going back and forth within order page or inbox to see the previous discussion.

What you can do is to keep such required information and points in a notepad file to quickly access it. You can remove it later on when the job is done. This way you will not have to go back and forth checking messages.

I hope it helps.

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