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Inbox call system if no one has suggest it yet

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i was thinking it would be much better to speak to your customers live instead of typing all the time you express your self 100% more to your buyers in effect of that your customer will feel more assured by the tone of your voice typing doesn’t leave a big enough impact i feel much more comfortable talking live one on one its more human you might end up even being friends

how this would work only sellers will be allowed to call buyers when they are contacted

buyer and seller will then have the call feature icon available to enable or disable the call feature it will be set to default on both sides in case of hasty seller’s button happy maniacs lol

if no one wants to talk keep it disabled if both parties have enable on then your both willing to communicate Boom Bang Bing live customer service POW!!! food for thought i’m going back to work now one love fiverr

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