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How to make your first sale - Must Read Tips for New Sellers


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Hi Everyone!

I have been reading different questions posted by new sellers about how they can make their first sale, or asking for tips to make their first sale. Most of them mentioned that they have posted a gig and month(s) has passed and yet there are no sales.

If you are a new seller, and you have this same question in mind, then keep on reading. I am writing this post to share some tips that will help the new Sellers to make their first sale.

Let me start by saying “Posting Gig” is not enough. Gigs tell about the services you offer when a person checks your profile. It has nothing to do with making sales - initially. Moreover, when you are new, no Buyer is going to order your gig because there are so many top-rated/level 2 sellers - with 1000+ reviews and 4.5+ ratings - that are providing the same service as yours.

So, the question remain the same and unanswered: How are you going to get your first sale/client?
The answer is really simple. Each seller on Fiverr gets 10 Offers each day. You need to use these offer to send proposal/offer to the jobs/projects/requests posted by the Buyers. You can access it: Selling -> See Available Projects

You will see a list of Requests posted by Buyers. Most of the buyers mention their budget and deadline. You can also see the number of proposals that are already sent to a particular request.

If you are thinking: What about the Gig? Sit tight and read further. The requests that will be shown to you will be controlled by the CATEGORY of YOUR GIGS. In addition to that, gigs will help you narrow down the requests of the Buyers. By default, you will see Request of all of your Gig categories.

For example: I have two Gigs. One is related to WordPress, other is related to QA. I see the requests that are posted in those 2 categories by Buyers. I can narrow down the requests to see either “WordPress” related or “QA” related.

To summarize what is explained above I will say: Create a Gig, Head to the “Available Projects” page, Send offers, Wait (and refine your Gig as you Go).

Some more tips:

  1. Send a reasonable offer. Don’t just jump to $100 for $10 job.
  2. Do not send proposal to each and every request. You get only 10 so make them count.
  3. Do not send a generic proposal like: “I can do it”
  4. Target the Buyer needs and requirements in your proposal
  5. Ask questions

My opinion: The first 5 reviews is all it takes to get you on the road to success! Note that I have said “Reviews” and not “Clients” because there might a client or two who won’t post a review so, don’t count them.

Moderator Note: Forum link promotion removed. Please do post links to another forum topic that you wrote, just for the sake of promoting yourself. People can read your other posts in the Forum listings.

I hope this will help the new Sellers.

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Guest dilanka1

Dear sir.
I am newcomer to fiver I am waiting for my 1st sale since last month but no one order my gigs. I am really disapointed sir. . Can you help me .
Thank you

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Being online 24 hours is purely stupid. People has other needs such as eating, sleeping, and spending time with family. Freelancing should be treated like a business and business has hours.

Just a tip: Your name is linked to your profile. No need to mention your link again. It might considered as spam.

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I like the part where you advised on the importance of not sending generic proposals. I once put up a gig request, and about four of the proposals, I received from different sellers were identical.

My advise to anyone who intends to make sales through sending job proposals, is that they always add something extra, in order to have an edge over other buyers. Sometimes, a well written (convincing) job proposal is all a buyer needs to place an order without asking a ton of questions and requesting for samples. Well, this is my own two cents, I hope it helps.

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