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After reactivating the suspended gig no sales yet


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Reply to @bniaxee: I don’t know if this will help answer your question, but it’s related and might give you an idea of how long things take to “reappear” in search results after being suspended for a while.

When I signed up to become a seller and posted my first gig, I suspended it to wait out the time it would take for my video to be approved. Unfortunately, I had no idea that suspended the gig would keep the video from being reviewed. So I activated the gig in order to let support review and approve my video. However, I later learned that suspending a gig can often do more damage than good because it removes the gig from the search results and site cache. It’s taken about 2 weeks or so, and now the gig that was suspended seems to be back in the search results.

So perhaps once you suspended a gig, you’ll have to wait a bit for the site cache and internal search algorithm to update so that your gig begins appearing in the search results again. For me it looks like that time period was about 2 weeks. Or at least, it took 2 weeks to start getting noticed. Could be the same for your situation too; not sure but thought it might provide some answers.

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Your gig here:


The Exclusively on fiverr bar on the bottom looks awfully familiar… Its erm… My work?

Its been ripped straight from my gig here: http://fiverr.com/newbold3d/create-a-professional-facebook-cover-photo

Buddy you cant just cut and paste other peoples work and expect sales…

I suggest helping yourself by displaying orignal, high quality work that you have produced yourself.

Good luck!


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Reply to @newbold3d: oh thats really funny. But really im sorry. Because i didn’t knew. I am new seller so my fiverr gig was not allowing my Logo sample as gig Picture so used any logo designing gig’s picture. Really im sorry i will have it changed ASAP. Thanks for telling by the way

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