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Gig Extras in Gig Packages mode

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Yep, it says on the title. It’ll be better if we still have the “Gig Extras” on the Gig page when we activate the Gig Packages mode. I noticed that when it is activated, the gig extras are hidden. you can only see them when they are in the “Order Process”. For me, It’ll be a lot better if we have the Gig Packages, then the Gig Extras below. because not all of our buyers are actually straight ahead focused on the gig packages. there are limitations on it. we can only put 3 version of packages. a lot of times my clients, tend to buy the extras individually. and they are getting confused on my gig description, telling me that they don’t find the gig extras in my Gig landing page.

I don’t know if I explained it well, but I attached a sample layout picture of what I’m talking about it.


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