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Does setting up gig packages make gig clicks and views nose dive?


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Hi, so I activated gig packages on 4 of my gigs recently and I’ve just noticed that the number of clicks and views on these gigs has fallen off the face of the earth after doing so. Has this happened to anybody else? (It really is a pretty dramatic drop.)

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How long ago did you change them over to packages?
Have sales on them gone down? Have they changed where they are located on the searches? Are their positions worse than before?

I don’t have packages so I can’t answer your question but am wondering about them, how they work.

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I changed them over on the 19th. 3 of the gigs I can’t find in searches anymore. They were all low sellers but also relatively new gigs. 2 of them though were getting steadily more interest. The only problem is that now I’ve gone from steadily increasing views and clicks (30+ and increasing per day) to none whatsoever.

This isn’t a huge problem as (like I said) these aren’t my best sellers. In this case, I think I might play around with the SEO in the gig descriptions and titles tomorrow. If that doesn’t work I will see if changing back to my standard pricing model helps.

It would be really interesting to know if anyone else has had this experience, though.

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I looked at you post earlier and I thought, “what! I’m stuck like this?” However, after testing this for your (and my) benefit, it seems like gig packages are a bit of a mixed bag. Let me explain what I know so far…

Firstly, when you switch over to gig packages you have the option to set just one level of pricing or three. i.e. Basic, Standard & Premium. If you select the three-tier approach to pricing, your gig changes in that underneath the image or video you use to promote your gig, the first thing people see is the three pricing options available for the gig in question.

The pricing itself dominates the gig page and although you can add an about 100 character description for each ‘package’ viewers have to scroll down to see the gig description which would usually be displayed followed by any gig extras you have.

Now, when it comes to disabling gig packages it seems you are right, you can’t. However, what you can do is disable the second two tiers of pricing (i.e. standard and premium). If you do this, your gig structure goes pretty much back to normal, Your gig description is right underneath your promo image or video and the only difference between that and a regular gig is the fact that there is a basic package box between your gig description and extras in which people have to select either basic delivery or extra fast. - (standard delivery is set by default).

In this case, I wouldn’t worry about being forced to change over to gig packages. I don’t know if when you change your image or description you will be forced to as I am not going to test this with any of my other gigs until I can see how the ones which I have just changed over perform. However, it basically works like even if you do change over, you can just choose to have the basic package only option and your gig basically stays the same.

My Thoughts:

Personally, I like the look of the gig package layout. It makes your pricing clear from the moment someone visits your gig page. However, (in my opinion) it might be too big a leap for buyers. The reason being that from a user perspective it makes gigs look pricier than they might expect before they have actually had a chance to read your gig description.

As for gigs suffering lower click rates etc, I think this might have something to do with the fact that when you do activate gig packages you have to add three very brief titles and descriptions in regard to the packages you actually offer. Because of the very limited amount of characters available to use in each section, it is hard to SEO these like the rest of your gig description. In this case, I think this might be why my own views and everything are down. - That said, I obviously don’t know how Fiverrs particular algorithm works so at the moment this is just a suspicion.

In short, I’m going to carry on trying to tweak the gigs which I do have packages activated on. These, though, were low selling gigs to begin with so I am free to fiddle around. What I’m not going to do is activate packages on any of my stable sellers for the time being. (Packages are not available for my writing gigs yet anyway so I’m lucky in that I have time to play around).

I hope that this helps.

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Well just be aware that if you change things on your other gigs where you could have packages, someone said that you then are stuck with packages like it or not.

" Because of the very limited amount of characters available to use in each section, it is hard to SEO these like the rest of your gig description." Bingo!

The idea that we see the prices before the description is sort of outrageous to me.
Great way to turn off potential buyers before they even have a chance to learn of the benefits of why they should buy the gig. They see a video or image, they see the prices, and they are quite naturally gone, unless they are just price shopping among identical gigs.

Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.

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