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Have you ever had a fiver dry spell?


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It definitely does. Even TRS see slowdowns. Sometimes they are kind of universal, like around holidays that are global or affect the largest buyer demographics. Some people see slowdowns in the summer when people go on vacation or self-employed business owners have kids at home and don’t work as much.

For many, though, it’s just an ebb and flow that comes for reasons you can’t always predict. Right now I’m fairly busy and have messages that I’ve answered but need more detail. Two weeks from now I might be in a slump. Who knows? Good luck! 😉

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See what other people in the same category are doing. Emulate some good tips.

In the beginning you need to over deliver. If others are doing 400 words for 5, be the newbie that does it for 800 for the same price. If others are giving one review for 5, give 3 reviews for the same price.
And once you get some orders and some reviews. Because you will. You can raise prices .

Create more gigs that are interrelated. Your aim in the beginning should be to gather some reviews.
In the Gig description for your Gigs, use keywords that you want to rank well for on fiverr.

All the best

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Fiverr is very hot and cold at its best. When I newly hit Level 2, my inbox and orders were overflowing and I was working like a maniac for two weeks to complete all of them on time. Last week, I went five days without even a peep of a message. This week, it’s been a bit better. So yaaas, these occasional dry spells seem to happen quite often. I flipped the first time it happened, but now I’ve wrapped my head around its random occurrences!

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