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Translation English to Spanish Gigs or Spanish to English?


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Hi there,

I’m new here at Fiverr and I have a big question to ask. I started from the Spanish version (es.fiverr.com) and so on, I created my first 5 gigs in my native language. The problem is that I wanted the same Gigs also to be shown in the English version of the site, so I changed the language of the platform to English, erased 1 gig (to free space) and created 3 English translations out of my first 4 (so the total limit is 7 gigs).

The question is: which is the right way to do it? I think now my spanish gigs appear with the ‘I will’ English words at the beginning and maybe they are not being shown to spanish customers. I’m very confused with all this, and it seems to me that this topic is not very well explained anywhere.

Can anyone help me to do the best practice to reach my first job here?

Thanks in advance.

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