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No sales yet ? follow these tips


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hello everybod.

Don’t you have sales yet ? so this post is for you, i will share with you my little experience on fiverr in some tips, hope that will help you to start your success on fiverr.

1 - be original ! how ? try to not copy from the other sellers ( title, description, images… ) , you must be unique so the buyer can at least contacting you.
2- be competitive ! how ? for exemple your competitor offers to write 200 word article for 5$; you can offer to write 500 word article for 5$ or something like this.
3 - be responsive : when the buyer asks you for something you should be responsive and try your best to make him satisfied.
4 - don’t wait for orders, take action and search for them ( BUYER REQUESTS section is a good place to find your first order )
5 - change / update your gigs from time to time and delete the gig that doesn’t get views and clicks.
6 - once you get the first order try to make the buyer satisfied, how ? just do a good work and ask him what he wants to change, if he doesn’t like your work do it again until his satisfaction. why ? because you need the first good review and feedback.

( sorry for my bad grammar --’ , but i think all is clear )

Best regards.

Yassine Bertali.

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