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How Fiverr Can Change Your Life (And A Few Tips For New Sellers)


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Let’s go back 1 year ago. I was fired from the job I had, as my boss had to downsize due to the financial crisis.

This happened right before the Easter of 2015…

As a consequence, I had no money to visit my parents for the holidays.

They had to pay for my airplane tickets.

(It’s pretty embarrassing to ask money from your parents at an age that you should be financially independent…)

And if being broke as a joke wasn’t enough, I had to move out my house because I couldn’t pay the rent. I moved to a friend and lived there for a few months, in a teeny tiny room counting the pennies every time I went for groceries.

That was the lowest point of my ENTIRE life.

Apparently, I had reached the bottom.

  • Broke as a joke
  • Lucky to have a friend who put me in his house
  • Asking money from my parents to pay for my tickets and groceries

Did I mention carrying a calculator to the supermarket, because I only had $20 per week to spend? (I know…ridiculous)

But, I couldn’t afford to spend even an extra penny. It was so awful, but life isn’t always easy.

And Here Is How Everything Changed!!

One day, while I was looking for freelancing jobs online, I couldn’t find anything worthwhile. So, I thought I could give Fiverr a try, as I had nothing going on at the moment.

Oh boy, that was the BEST DECISION I took in my life!

Fast forward several months:

  • Moved into a new home
  • Paid my parents’ 5-day vacation in Venice, Italy with my Fiverr earnings (I couldn’t find a better way to thank them for their support)
  • Started a company and made my friend the Vice President
  • We are currently employing several people and feeding several families who have also lost their jobs.

It’s literally INCREDIBLE. Really. And no words are enough to describe what a difference this platform and community made in my life and the lives of the others around me!

I can’t really express how grateful I feel for those two men who created this wonderful platform, Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. And for everyone else behind the scenes, including Customer Support, developers, fellow sellers and all of those who worked hard and keep working to make this a reality!

Thank you everybody!

I am really proud to be a Fiverr seller. And while Fiverr is not perfect, I am grateful for discovering it. I can’t imagine where I would be now, if it wasn’t for Fiverr.

NEW SELLERS: Attention Please

I openly share the above story (even I feel embarrassed for the first part), in a hope that it will inspire you to keep working here and giving your best self at whatever service you are offering.

Here are some important things I have learned and I hope they will help you in this amazing journey you are now into!!!

  1. The money you make is proportionate to the value of the service you provide.

Please, don’t make the mistake of being overly egocentric, only thinking about making money now. While I am sure making money is important for you, I would encourage you to focus on offering the best services you possibly can - every single time - because this will yield amazing results over the long-term.

  1. Treat your customers like kings (even if they don’t treat you the same way)

Just like any other marketplace, you are going to do business with people who might be arrogant, irritating or simply angry with the world.

While 98% of Fiverr’s buyers are people amazing to work with, there is a smaller percentage that’s probably going to make your life hard.

My advice would be to treat them all like kings, but without giving in to irrational demands.

Politeness, kindness and a friendly attitude will take you a long way forward. Just a simple change in your attitude can make a huge difference!

  1. Give it some time

If you have any trouble getting orders, understand that success doesn’t happen in 1 week. Give it some time and offer the best possible service to your customers.

Eventually, the word about your services will spread - especially if you are polite and do great work. Then, you will see that your business will skyrocket!

That’s all folks.

I am really wishing you ALL THE BEST and hope Fiverr will be around forever!

Thank you for reading my post!

Spxmac’s Team Chief
Fiverr Addict

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I share the same philosophies as you do and Fiverr transformed my life as well, not in terms of money, because money was never a problem for me, but because it gave me a purpose when I was doing nothing except reading books on my Kindle and watching TV. I work non-stop, 15/16 hours a day, sometimes I complain of overwork, but really, working makes me happy. I am deeply grateful.

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Great story!
I can relate to the part where you said you were broke, because I have gone
through a similar experience before.
I was having a hard time looking for a job, I couldn’t buy enough food, and I was eating
cabbage for 6 months ( which my friend gave to me for free, it was from her family farm),
I couldn’t tell my parents about my situation since I was too embarrassed.
Long story short, eventually I found a job which I enjoy very much, and several
years later I found Fiverr. Fiverr is not my main income, but it has helped me a lot,
and after experiencing that 6-month-broke-cabbage-diet days, I reeeaally understand
the value of work and money. I constantly tell myself I should work hard and earn while
I can. Of course it’s not just the money, the experience is quite amazing too.
It has taught me so much about business and different types of people we encounter,
both good and bad.
When I first started on Fiverr I was originally thinking of giving it a try only during
my summer break, just so I can make some extra money on the side.
I won’t say Fiverr has changed my life, but I know for sure that I have no intentions
of quitting, not for a while!

I’m happy for your success, please keep it up! 😃

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