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How to use TAGS!


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Hey sellers!
My name is SarmadAkhtar and today i will be telling you about how to use your TAGS properly and how they actually work!
So lets start:
Tags are actually the key words which allow you to be searched easily by the buyers.
Choosing you TAGS properly is very important if you want to be visited by potential buyers.Because TAGS are the words which buyers use to search for sellers.So you should use your TAGS by determining the words which are mostly used by buyers to search for GIGS.
So since you now know How TAGS work and what are they for.
I am sure that you now have the idea of how important they are.I myself am some sort of beginner on fiverr but when i started fiverr i didn,t know about how TAGS work.But when i came to know about their importance i immediately set them properly and chose right words which really had a huge impact on my sales average.
So i suggest you to start using proper words as your TAGS.i.e company logo,creative logo.e.t.c

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