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Low conversion rate


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I’m looking for some advice with my voiceover Fiverr gig.
At the moment I have a conversion rate of 3.3%, is this good or bad?
Does anybody have any tips on getting my conversion rate up?

Also my average selling price is $14 is this good or bad?
Does anyone have any tips on how to get this higher?

And I’m not the best in SEO so can anyone advise me on how to get my gig higher in the search results please?

Any help would be gratefully received.


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Just watch the bottom line: how much you are earning since that is a reflection of how many extras you sell. A high conversion rate sounds good until you realize that it means you have few impressions. When my conversion rate was high I was hardly earning anything.

$14 selling price is better that $12. If you can figure out how to get this higher that is the one thing you can do to improve your earnings. You can increase this by asking for more money and put your prices higher which you can do as a top rated seller with a good track record. As far as how to get a better position in the listings that is not a question I have the answer to.

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Hi, I have a similar conversion rate. It’s not something I worry about particularly but I have thought about doing the following and based on the results I would do experiments with my titles, images, descriptions etc. The only thing that has stopped me doing this is the fact that I am quite happy with my number (and value) of orders at the moment. This would take some time and a lot of trial and error and I have had to turn away some sales due to the amount of work I get from repeat clients so no point in messing with my gigs just now.

Assessing where my impressions are coming from - are people searching for something other than my gig and I am showing up?
What is my impressions to clicks rate? If I show up in results a lot but get few clicks, should I change my title or image?
If I am getting lots of clicks but few sales then there has to be a reason. It could be price, presentation or maybe a mistake in the description that stops people.

With regard to average sale price, this will vary from seller to seller. My average sale price is double yours but I focus on larger size orders and so I get very few orders of less than $20. You could do 10 times the number of orders that I do and make much more money even though your average is lower.
As miss crystal says just look at your bottom line.

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Hi! You can increase your conversion rate by getting lots of orders per day. Last week, my conversion rate was 4.6 because I was getting orders quite handsomely but now it is dropped back to 3.3 due to less sale. So I guess, the main reason for the conversion rate depends on how much orders you’re getting per day. I hope this will be helpful for you to understand.

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The only thing a low conversion rate tells you is that you don’t target the right traffic to your gig.
If for example all the visitors come from a Knitting Club website, chances are that those visitors are not interested in your voice over gig.
If they come from a website for documentary film makers, chances are that they are much more interested in a voice over.

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