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Due to activity you not eligible for level badges


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Hey guys!

Just a month ago, I joined fiverr and i was really lucky enough to have about 30 sales quickly… And i was hoping that i could reach level 2 very quickly in just 2 months

However, i saw yesterday that my level didn’t even go to 1. So i contacted support and one of their member told me due to an activity im not eligible for level badge…

I inquired about it and found that it was due to one silly mistake of placing external link in my bio…

So my question is have some one been through this problem before?? And if yes, what time or sales did it take to get your level one?

Tips for newbies here: dont put links

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If that is all you did I think you might be fine in time. Double check all your gigs for any other ToS issues. Another problem you could run into is that all of your gigs seem related in some way to SEO/ranking/keywords. That means that just by default, they have something to do with 3rd party sites like Google or other people’s sites you use to promote backlinks or keywords.

Although those gigs don’t specifically violate ToS, they are closely watched by the editors. Gigs like that generate complaints to Fiverr easily. Buyers get mad if they don’t see fast results and they complain. Sometimes Google or other site owners will complain to Fiverr too. That can lead to having your gigs denied or they stay up but don’t show in search. If your gigs generate complaints or don’t perform well, you might not qualify for levels.

You could ask CS if any of your gigs are not in editorial focus. If they say the gigs are just fine, you’ll probably get a level after you get a few 5 star reviews, make sales to more buyers, try not to cancel and demonstrate your alliance with ToS. You could consider pulling one or two gigs that have low sales and add a gig or two you can handle that has zero 3rd party connection and can give buyers fast delivery with immediate results. That will improve your Fiverr “brand.”

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