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Your Fiverr experience / what you think


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Well, to be a bit more specific, when I joined just over a year ago I was really put off by the idea of selling services in $4 increments. This being the case, I didn’t put that much effort in in the beginning and put more of a focus on other platforms which I was already working on.

Long story short though, over the last 6 months I have put more of an effort in and in comparison, now make much more of a consistent and satisfying income here on Fiverr than I do on other sites. In fact, because of Fiverr I no longer bid for work anywhere.

I do have issues from time to time, however, overall I’d strongly recommend newbies to Fiverr to really try and stick with the platform and attempt to embrace it as much as possible. Have a gig that doesn’t sell? Simply try and think about how you can expand your services and really stand out from your competitors.

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I’m still relatively new to the fiverr platform, but I have been around for a while selling my SEO and backlinks services.

Recently I have made the move to offer my services exclusively on fiverr.

I am really embracing the platform, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful ecosystem of buyers and sellers.

Looking forward to establishing myself here, and thriving 🙂

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