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Please give some feedback for my service


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Now, it’s 10 days completed but still I’m not getting any order from buyers here. I made a new gig two days ago because my old one was not selling at all, I made this gig with 110% improvement So I want to ask anybody have suggestion to improve this gig? What should I do with fiverr for getting order. I’m frustrated now, I’m promoting my gigs on all social media but still no one seems ready to click buy button. Is that fiverr only alive for top-rated sellers who stabilized their position. No chance for new sellers, I’ve seen many worst gigs are selling like river and comparison to them I make far better gigs. I bet, if anyone will try out my service, he will understand what I’m providing because I give so much of dedication for getting my job done.
Well Please guys help, what I’m doing wrong?

Here is the link of my profile :
Link of the gig which I’m talking about:

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  • You can’t expect anything on Fiverr. Sales just don’t come. Some go months without their first sale.

  • Fiverr is definitely not catered to top sellers only. Let’s bust that myth. There are plenty of sellers who a rising rapidly that are levels lower than a TOS. But, you cannot discredit a TOS. They’ve worked extremely hard to get to where they’re at. New sellers consistently claim that they offer better services, which may be true in some cases. But high ratings equates trust, which is why we stay very busy.

  • You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just in a very competitive field. You have to do more to stand out from the rest.

  • A more professionally done gig video would help

  • Use better keywords for your gig

  • Create a professional logo, or high quality photo for your avatar

Good luck.

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Thanks for stopping by and reading this out. I’ll surely improve suggested things and I’m sorry for writing that top-level seller thing, but maybe you understand how irritating it is! When you don’t get what you deserve. I hope some miracle will happen and someone would feel to purchase my gig.
I’m constantly changing my keywords but still fiverr search box will not led anyone to my gig until and unless I get some positive ratings.
Thanks once again.

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For one, no one deserves anything here. So I can’t relate to that feeling. I worked very hard with my services, which has allowed me to achieve my status in a little over a year. You get what you deserve from effort, dedication, and being great at what you offer. No miracles, no gimmicks or tricks. That’s really all it takes to become a successful seller.

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