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Our Team Created a Fiverr Account and Posted Amazing Gigs but no sales!


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Hello Everyone. I am the admin of the Istanute Team on Fiverr. I invested huge amount of money for gathering individuals with talent and we made a plan that we will work on Fiverr from one Fiverr account as a team. We created our account few days ago and we posted several amazing gigs…But, we didn’t got any orders till now. Is this normal?..will we get the orders so that that our team could get on full-time work on Fiverr?

First Gig - https://www.fiverr.com/istanuteteam/do-any-data-entry-work-up-to-6-hrs (Data Entry work up to 6 Hrs for $5)

Second one - https://www.fiverr.com/istanuteteam/write-amazing-article-of-600-plus-words-for-you (600+ word article for $5)

Third One - https://www.fiverr.com/istanuteteam/transcribe-40-mins-video-or-audio (Transcribe 40 min of video for $5!)

These 3 are our main gigs from which we expect some decent amount of sales. If you want to see our other 4 gigs, you can see by browsing our account

-Alex Marsh

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  • You just started. Sales don’t automatically come. Some people get sales right away, some get sales after weeks, even months after creating their account. Practice patience.

  • You also said that you invested a rather large amount of money on a team to work on Fiverr. Probably not the best financial decision on your part. As one wise man said, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”. Fiverr is not a guaranteed income. It’s not guaranteed success.

  • There are only a handful on sellers that work full-time on Fiverr. No one can tell you that you’ll get enough orders to be full-timers on this site since it’s very wishful thinking. Although possible (and it is), it takes a lot of hard work. A LOT. Nothing happens overnight.

  • Add professionally made gig videos to your services to entice potential clients.

  • Proofread your gigs. There are a lot of grammatical mistakes.

  • You’re in competitive fields within all of your services. You’ll have to be creative to stand out in order to get clients.

Good luck.

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For some people it can take months. It all depends upon the quality of your gigs/descriptions/services, and whether buyers are interested in your services. Fiverr is NOT a get-rich-quick website. If you are expecting immediate sales, just by having gigs on Fiverr, then you aren’t treating your gigs like a business.

Don’t expect instant success. Work hard and EARN that success.

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Offering services that are in-demand would be a start. A lot of the services you offer, people can accomplish on their own. It’s not really unique or different from what other sellers with higher ratings offer.

Your logo is not fully within your avatar. Makes you look unprofessional.

Nothing “should” happen. If you think that sales fall into your lap, you will be very unsuccessful, and it’s proven by your lack of sales. You simply have to offer unique, in-demand, and professional services.

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Hi Alex,

posting gigs is not going to get you any sales. You will need to send proposals to the requests/jobs posted by the Buyers. This is the way to let the buyer know that you are providing services on the Fiverr.

Moreover, you will not get any orders from the gigs when you got no reviews. Why would I hire you when I can hire another seller with 5 stars rating and 25+ reviews for the same service?

Remember: You NEED TO send proposals to requests/jobs posted to earn money.

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