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Recived a WARNING and now i am not being able to achive level 1


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Hello everyone!

I started working on fiverr almost 2 months ago and feel very good about my experience on fiverr but the problem that i face is that i am not being able to gain Level 1 promotion. I received the warning during my second order on fiverr the buyer asked about my email address so that he could send some confidential information and at that time as i was a new seller i did not knew that sending seller information is banned. It was an honest mistake and from that day i have been strictly following the rules.

I tried Customer Support (CS) but I haven’t received an actual answer. I’m basically looking for a timeline.They says it’s an automated system and they can’t manually do anything. But kindly can i get a timeline.

I have completed 33 orders and 5 star rating, 0% cancelation ratio and been on fiverr for almost 2 months.

Please share your experiences or if you know the timeline. Much appreciated!

Thank You

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Once you have received an account warning, there is no exact timeline for regaining your reputation. Your story is a common one and should remind other new sellers how critical it is to take the time to read the Terms of Service before selling or buying on Fiverr. No one likes reading those things, but this is what happens if you don’t.

@em_developer It varies how long it takes and is based on a variety of things including not just continuing to follow the ToS but carefully maintaining all the leveling criteria. Keep buyers happy, keep your cancellation rate low, show strong performance, and maintain gigs that are in line with editorial focus. Your gigs look good.

Some people find that if they fulfill the level 2 criteria, they will get level 1 shortly after and then level 2 not long after that, so striving for level 2 may solve it for you. If you get that far and still don’t get a level, open another CS ticket but make sure you have only one single ticket open. Ask politely and clearly if they can check on your account just to be sure everything is still okay. You’ll get there!

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