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A Global Market for Voiceovers - Fiverr Expands My View


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Hi, I’m Dan.
I am from the United States, and have done a lot of radio work. I was on the phone one day with a guy in Houston, Texas, talking about a potential writing job. He asked if I had ever considered doing voiceover work. He said he’d hire me for that. He suggested I try Fiverr, to set up a profile for voiceovers.

I had never heard of Fiverr, but I went and set up a gig. I had profiles on several different writer sites, and they hadn’t led to much business, so I didn’t know what to expect from Fiverr. It felt right to at least set up a profile, and see what happened.

The first gig I did was an ad for an American radio show. I did it, and enjoyed it a lot. I assumed at that point my potential market was people in the United States.

Then I did 4 video sync voiceovers for a gentleman in Israel. Next I got requests from people in Brazil and Cyprus, to do audios helping teach people English.

I began to realize the global market that Fiverr represents. It expanded my horizons, realizing that much of my audience would be people in other countries. The thought really opened my eyes to how large the potential market could be.

I have recently completed gigs for buyers in Canada, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, Nigeria, Jordan, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Kiribati (a tiny island in the Pacific I had to look up on the map). These people may speak English, but need a native English speaker with an American accent to help represent their business.

It’s just now sinking in how much Fiverr has shifted the dynamic from my own country, to global market possibilities! It’s really amazing! Thanks a bunch, Fiverr!

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