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Keep an eye on your response rate


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Hello everyone,
So here’s something all the sellers should keep an eye on.
In last 30 days I have seen my response rate going down from 100% to first at 89%, then at 95% and today it was 97%.
Every time this happened I would simply contact Fiverr CS and they would recalculate it.
Now it went down even when I have responded to all my new queries within 24 hours including reporting any spam messages.
So today I reported this as bug and Fiverr’s CS told me that it was not a bug.
This has happened thrice in last 30 days and I had to open a ticket every time the response rate went down so that it can be fixed.
So sellers please check your response rate and if you have any doubts about it, contact Customer Support.
Hope this helps.
Peace and love to you all.

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Your response rate is changing because it is based on the last 30 days.

This is not a bug, but by design. That’s why it’s important to respond to every message every day and then you will maintain a 100% response rate


It is easy if you try to respond to new messages right away. You can download the fiverr app for your phone as well and then be able to also maintain a 1 hr or less response time.

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Hello there !
Well as far as I checked I have responded to all the queries within 24 hours or sooner since last 30 days and still the response rate went down.
This happened thrice and Fiverr CS brought it back to 100% every time I contacted them.

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Well I think potential buyers can see your response rate or at least it would have some impact on your performance ratio as a seller in Fiverr’s system when your response rate goes down.
Now it would be fine if it went down if I had not responded to messages in timely manner which is not my case and it still went down.

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Please note that the response time and response rate are 2 different things.
If you think that you have responded to all the new queries which also includes reporting any spam messages and still your response rate went down contact Customer Support and they will recalculate it.
Please update us with your experience here.

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There is an easily reproducible bug with response rates where, even if you respond to ALL messages within a few hours, your response rate will still go down.

I’ve had CS fix my response rate 5 times (I’ve never failed to respond to messages within a few hours tops, ever), and the last time I filed a bug report with specific instructions on how they could reproduce the bug.

This happens when you receive a message that is pre-tagged as SPAM by Fiverr. If you don’t respond to that message, your response rate will drop within 24hs, even when it’s spam.
Now, if you send an UNSPAM request over such a message, and either respond to it OR report it as SPAM again, your response rate will STILL fall within 24hs.

In other words, no matter what you do, if you receive a message that is pre-tagged as SPAM, you’ll see your response rate reduced.

In my case, even though CS was really helpful in restoring the response rate each time, they were reluctant to elevate the bug report to the developers, even though I was quite persistent about it (it can be reproduced + doesn’t work as they state it should = yes! it’s a BEE YOU GEE!)

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Exactly sir,
I had a similar experience with the Customer Support when I filed a bug report about this issue and they said that they will not forward it to their technical team since they said that it’s not a bug.
Now every time the response rate goes down even after your timely response, you’ll have to contact CS to fix the issue.
Thank you for sharing your experience.

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The last time (6th and counting 🙂 ) I asked CS to restore my response rate, I got this reply:

“… Please, keep in mind that your response rate is a stat that only you can see and that has no effect on the status of your account, so in case you see it featuring incorrectly, so please keep in mind that it won’t harm your account status.”

I’m not sure if this is true or they just wanted me to lay off, but I kind of accepted seeing that bar down now that it happened again. It does not SEEM to have had an effect on sales, and my gigs are holding at about the same position so far.

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