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Trying to start on the right foot


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I’ve spent the day researching the market for my new gig and would appreciate any advice to help my new launch. The following link is the gig I’m talking about: I will record ten minutes of my user experience using your website

Please be as critical as needed.

Things I think I need to improve/thinking about:

    1. Get a profile picture. All the top sellers seem to have good looking portrait shots. How important is this?
    1. Change my profile bio to back up my Gig.
    1. How important is it that I shorten my title? Part of it is getting clipped.
    1. I hope to upload a new 30-60 second video every 5 days or so depending on the my numbers (I can make more videos based on content I provide clients)
    1. How is my Gig image?
    1. Is it clear to you what my extras provide?
    1. I checked around on this forum, but is delivering the customer a Dropbox link to their file kosher? Seemed to be but I want to verify.

If you know and are willing to give me advice/an answer on even one of these questions, or, really, anything, please feel free.

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I am not a “top seller” on Fiverr, in fact, I have only sold one gig. I thought I’d give it a shot and try to help you out anyway.

From what I’ve seen, getting a decent-ish profile picture is very important. It helps put a face to the gig, and automatically makes you more trustworthy and friendly. Especially when you have no reviews on your page. I’d be wary of buying from a face-less and rate-less profile.

I don’t think you have to change your profile bio to suit your gig specifically. Including some things about yourself in your ‘about me’ section would help potential customers get to know who they are buying from. (Your current one is funny though!)

I even have a gig for writing bio/about me sections
(subtle self-promotion: check).

Uploading videos are a great idea so I’ve heard! I have yet to do so myself, but I can imagine how it would make people more comfortable buying from you.

People DO judge books by their covers.
Your gig image, while straight to the point, is lacking in style. Your image is what lures people to your gig (besides your content of course). There are some awesome websites that will help you create graphics for your gig for free! You can also take your own pictures and edit them to fit what you need. (I try my best to make my gig images stylish yet not overwhelming).

From reading your gig, everything you offer seems to be clear. Though I would take a moment to maybe change this part of your gig description;

“This is what I do. I am like your user. We are internet users, not power users. We don’t think like designers or engineers. We just want your site to work and will leave if it doesn’t.”

While good in content, it doesn’t flow very well and sounds choppy. Especially using the word “user” so many times.
I really like “we don’t think like designers or engineers, we just want your site to work well and will leave if it doesn’t.” If you do change your gig description, I think that should stay because it’s very true.
The average ‘internet surfer’ doesn’t know how to make a problematic website run faster and they typically get frustrated when they do run into problems and just say, “screw it!”

Delivering a customer a Dropbox link? I have no clue if that is all right to do, but I do know that you aren’t supposed to swap emails and such, so i don’t know if that applies to think Dropbox linking as well. I wouldn’t see why not, but who knows.

I hope I helped!

P.S. I forgot to mention! You also might consider shortening your gig title a bit. It does seem a bit lengthy (pretend your reader has the attention span of a goldfish), and maybe try adding a certain word in caps to help catch a buyer’s attention.

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Thank you, morlynn, for the advice and critque!

Your comment about the profile reinforces what I’ve been thinking. I’ll try to get a picture up today.

Will think about what I can change my gig image to. I agree that it is quite bland. I want to keep it simple though, as I see so many gig images on here that appear too busy. I really like both your biography writing and proofreading gig images. The simple illustrated style and value proposition are exactly what I want for my images.

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You’re welcome!

If you’re interested I do use a website (canva.com) that has a lot of pictures, illustrations, and more. Some are free, but some you have to pay for. (I just use free ones). You can use them so long as you don’t sell them, like most websites like that.

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