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Organizing Your Day and Fine-Tuning


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I don’t know about you, but when something isn’t planned out or organized I get a little stressed out. Before I start out my day, I like to make a list of the tasks that I MUST complete in order to call it a successful day. This is most useful when I have multiple orders going at once. Writing things down helps calm me and keeps me focused.

With a list right beside me, I don’t have to freak out about what to do next or if I’ve forgotten anything. Yes, Fiverr has a preset to-do list to show us what work we have, but sometimes that’s not enough.

However you like to organize yourself best, go do it. Make a plan for the day, or just a general outline. That way you won’t be completely winging it and losing out on being productive. Make sure you have clear goals in mind to help you stay focused.

Another thing I’ve noticed while working on here is that how I operated a few months ago doesn’t work for me now. I’m still quite the newbie when it comes to being my own boss and working on a site like this. I’ve had to continue to do a lot of fine-tuning to ensure that I’m doing enough work each day and always being productive.

I guess running a business always leaves room for improvement and changes. Change is good. It helps people progress and to find more efficient ways of doing things. I’m still young and I’m constantly growing personally and professionally. I have to continue to find a way that works better than the way it was before.

Sticking with the same way of doing things can work for some situations. Sometimes, you have to avoid your stubborn ways and make some changes. Anyways, all I’m really trying to say is find a good way to organize yourself to increase productivity and make changes as needed.

Does anyone have anything to add to this? How do you organize your work day?

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Well - on a general note, it’s best to treat Fiverr as your full time job. Waking up and checking for any missed messages, orders or other notifications would be the #1 thing to do first.

  • Second - Check the remaining timeline on orders in progress (You would’ve already checked this prior to going bed as well, if you’re a single seller instead of a team). Ensure to organize these so you don’t miss a due date. An order due at 9 AM, it’s best to try to complete it before bed. The number one thing is to know your own speed; how long it takes you to complete an order of “X” or “Y” nature, so if there comes a time when you only have 2 hours remaining, you’ll know if you’re screwed or have just enough time to make that delivery. (with top quality of course).

Time management is really one of the primary things to keep on point, as well as professionalism and communication. If the order is going to be late, don’t be afraid to let the buyer know you’re almost through and just need an extra hour or 2, and will hit deliver now to avoid timer issues.

If they are a roadhog, or webhog in this case, you may not be so lucky, and it will be recommended to cancel if you know you can’t deliver. It beats killing yourself in prep for a 1 star review to tarnish your Fiverr reputation before it gets kicking.

That’s basically it in a nutshell from our standpoint. Stay sharp, stay professional and stay in touch.


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