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How To Go From A Newbie Seller, To $1000 Or More A Month!


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I recently hit $1000 dollars in a month on Fiverr and I am about to exceed that this month, so I wanted to give out some tips to new sellers or sellers who want to see more orders, positive reviews, and earnings!

  1. Treating Fiverr as a job/business.

I think one of the most important ways to start seeing progress for yourself on Fiverr is to start treating it as seriously as you would a regular job or even better, a business that you own!

This may mean something different per individual, but I think there are a few points that pertain to everyone.

First off, be organized/have a schedule. Have a certain time of day where you respond to messages and where you complete orders. This will just make it easier in the long run rather than having to check your account multiple times a day. I recommend immediately in the morning, and again sometime later in the day.

Second, respect your clients. It should go without saying that you should be courteous and professional with all of your clients or potential clients. Even if someone is really getting under your skin, do not react in a negative manner! There have been many times when someone has sent me a message in a seemingly rude way, only for it to be a misunderstanding and then still being able to start an order for them.

I’m not saying be a pushover. If you truly get some negative messages or something of that nature, you can just delete the message. Also, be firm with your price. There is nothing wrong with valuing the work that you do, just make sure you convey it in a friendly way.

Third, never be late! This will be the last one I mention for this section, but try never to be late with orders. If you had a physical business with offices and the works, and you were late to completing a clients order, how do you think that would go down? It doesn’t matter if it is a $5 order or a $1000+ order, try to never be late. Sometimes for whatever reason you may be late on one or two, but try as hard as you can to limit this!

  1. Over delivering

I think this is one of the key components to being able to sell more on Fiverr. When you break down Fiverr, the more good reviews you have (while also limiting the bad reviews) the more orders you will potentially receive.

This is just the nature of any site that works off of ratings. If someone goes to your profile and you have only 2 reviews, it doesn’t matter if you are the best in your niche. Most people are not gong to buy. That is why it is imperative to give yourself the best opportunity possible to receiving good reviews when you do get orders.

This is where over delivering comes in. If you can, always give your client a little bit more than they have bought. Sometimes, when I feel like it, I will give them a lot more. You don’t need to break your back to do this, just give them something that they’ll appreciate and gives them value.

For example, if you do something like graphic design, maybe give them the PSD file along with the regular file. This doesn’t include much more work for you, and don’t think of it as money lost. Think of it as making a customer very happy and leaving them the space to potentially give you a great review.

When I started doing this, the majority of my clients would leave me great 5 star reviews. something to really consider.

  1. Experimentation/Research

I’ll make this the last one since this is getting really long. Having been making YouTube videos for a while, I learned of the importance of experimentation. Sometimes I would make a video thinking it would do very well, and it wouldn’t. Sometimes I would make a video thinking it would do okay, and it would blow up.

Fiverr is very similar in this respect. Sometimes you create a gig thinking people are going to buy this in droves! Only for it to do almost no sales even though it is gaining traffic. Other times you will create a gig not really sure that it will do well, and it’ll become one of your best.

Always be experimenting with different gigs, intro videos, descriptions, titles, tags, etc. You will not only learn so much about what works and what doesn’t from this, you’ll eventually discover a winner.

The second part of this is do your research. Actively be on the forum in order to learn more about how to be a better Fiverr seller. Always be looking at new blog posts on Fiverr’s blog as there is a lot of good information on there. Google phrases like how to earn more on Fiverr, how to be a better Fiverr seller and so on. Look at what the best sellers are doing and figure out why they are doing so well. Watch videos on YouTube as well to learn more about how to be successful on Fiverr.

You should never stop trying to learn more if you want to keep growing and improving on here. This third step is probably the most important because if you actively experiment and do research, you will continue to learn more and more about how to succeed on fiverr.

I’m going to leave it there for now. There is of course more I could go over but doing all of the things I have listed above will help you grow as a seller on here. I am no super seller myself, but I have seen incredible growth when I started implementing the ideas above.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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Thank you for the "Tips on FIVERR Success"
I’m new to Fiverr this month and believe that OVER delivering and FANTASTIC Customer Service to FIVERS clients drive repeat business.
Everyone appreciates being treated well and appreciated for their business !

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Guest amaziff

Thank you, very useful tips for people starting on Fiverr. I like the part that sometimes you got (or you think) that you got almost perfect product and it does not sell and vice versa.

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wow, im glad i read this. its has helped a lot in making more sales in my jingle production gig on the music and audio niche. i hope users on here check out my gig and place their orders on there so i can offer them the best service with guarantee.

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Hey man! Once you start getting more reviews, people will start wanting to do bigger projects with you. A lot of my orders are still $5 - $15 gigs, but a good chunk are $25 and beyond as well. Utilize your extras especially.

A lot of my bigger orders come from people that contact me about something they want or come to me with a bigger project.

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Guest article_profits

Those tips are very helpful. The first part about making fiverr a job, either a side job or full time job is really important. With a job, you have to focus, market your skills, set goals, achieve them and not just hope it will work out.

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Just joined up on Fiverr a little while ago and this is all really solid advice.

We have been offering our service elsewhere but have made the jump to offer them ONLY on fiverr due to the awesome growth potential here and the recent addition of gig packages.

As you mention, it is very important to treat this as a business rather than a hobby.

Customer service is probably the #1 secret to success and happy, repeat customers.

Remember that people won’t remember what you said or what you did, but rather how you made them feel. So treat each customer like they are the most important person in the world and they will come back to you over and over again…

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