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Why Haven't I Got My First Order?


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While, I am not a top seller, I thought I might be able to give advice!
I’ve been here since January 2016, and just 14 days a go, I got my very first gig. It felt like it took FOREVER. I’ve also had people contact me to inquire about my gigs and then never respond nor order. It can be… frustrating to say the least.
Somtimes it does take forever. From what I’ve seen, depending on what your gig is, it can take awhile for that very first sale. I
t’s hard for a buyer to trust a seller who hasn’t been rated or given a positive review.

What can you do to improve your gig?

Consider shortening your gig title to maybe just ‘I will edit your VIDEO footage!’ and then include the ‘1080p Display or 4K’ specifications in the description.

Re-wording and formatting your gig description. While it’s full of great info, it could be more ‘flow-y’. Bold words and bullets are always a nice touch.

Any other questions? I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

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