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Making my friends slightly jealous


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So it’s been several years since I’ve started working on Fiverr, and originally I started out with
2 gigs, now I have 6. Some of the gigs were quite challenging and I ended up spending WAY too much time on it, but overall my Fiverr experience has been very pleasant.
Depending on the gig, I am able to make $10~$15 in less than 20 minutes, and in one gig
all I do is pin up cut-out paper and creates messages. And I get paid for that.

Some of my friends/coworkers know that I am making extra money on the side through Fiverr. and the other day I was asked to work on a translation which I was casually able to finish during my lunch break. Right after that, another buyer marked the gig finished, and he also tipped me. It’s my little “rule” to go get Starbucks when I get tipped, so I decided to go to the
Starbucks near my office. My coworker followed me. Since the tip was pretty big, I decided to
buy him coffee too.

My buddy said something like “OK, so you translate stuff, you draw stuff…those I kinda understand…but you make those strange little clothesline message stuff…it doesn’t take that long…but you get paid?”

I did point out that it took 15 years of living/studying in the states and 5 years of being an art major to be able to do certain things at a certain speed/quality, also for the clothesline message it took me several days to set everything up, but yes. I get paid.

He seemed…a bit jealous. He asked me if he can try something on Fiverr too. I told him that there is a TRS here who gets paid for dancing in spandex, so yes, he can do pretty much anything, and it’s worth a try. Not sure if he’s really gonna try it though!

What about you guys? Do your friends/coworkers know about your success here at Fiverr?
Did you inspire them to start working on Fiverr too? Do you get those “I-can’t-believe-you-are-getting-paid-to-do-that” look from them every now and then? 😃

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Thank you everyone for your responses!
It’s amazing what can be done on the internet, and what we can get paid for. 😃
Fiverr is something I do on the side and I make several hundreds dollars a month
which is nothing compared to those super sellers out there, but still, being paid for
drawing something or making a message out of cut-out paper? It’s great!!

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